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The Importance of Fingerprinting and Fingerprinting Services

In any case and at any time that you will be making an application for permanent residency or to travel to the United States, you will often have to pay a fee get fingerprinted by the immigration officials. This is the fee that gets you an appointment at a set location for the biometrics process to get underway. One will always be left to wonder the reason as to why fingerprinting anyway happens to be so important especially if they know that their history has no traces of crime anyway. In this post, we have taken a deliberate effort to get a review of some of the reasons why fingerprinting happens to be so important for not only the security of the United States but as well for your own personal security as one seeking a travel visa to this state or one on an application for permanent residency.

Top reasons for the importance of fingerprinting is that of national security. It is a fact that one of the key roles and functions that the United States governments strive to achieve is that of ensuring the security and safety of its nationals. In as much as you may not quite consider and you are just not a security threat to the United States, the fact is that terrorists will be seeking the slightest of opportunities to gain access and entry to the United States. For this reason, it is important to get all applicants for temporary or permanent residency status in the United States fingerprinted so as to have a working database of all who will have made their way into the country via visas, be they for schooling, living or work. Added to this is the fact that fingerprinting as well helps eliminate or reduce the chance of someone getting into the country using some form of fraud such as using fraudulent visa acquisition.

You also need to appreciate the fact that fingerprinting as well goes a long way guaranteeing your personal safety. Your personal safety will be preserved from those elements who may get to steal your identity through passports, visas or green cards. This is for the fact that when they produce the green card and the number, the fingerprints that they will have will not match your own and as such they will be caught in their tracks. It is a fact that this has proved to be so effective that many parents are considering having their kids below age 14, who by law cannot be fingerprinted by the immigration department, fingerprinted privately just so as to protect their identities.

Fingerprinting as well happens to be significant considering the fact of the must-screening procedures when making an application for visas and other immigration needs/documentations.

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