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Guide to Getting a Divorce in South Carolina

Those that realize they are not happily married often find it is a sad time that can be quite upsetting. No one sets out to get married and then break up later down the line. Those that realize they are not pleased with their marriage status will have to start thinking about what they want for their future. Some may find that they are interested in trying to work things out and start to research a marriage therapist to work with. Those that are having problems in their marriage and are sure it is time to end things should start seeking out a divorce. Most states have their own laws and requirements for a divorce. People interested in getting a divorce in South Carolina can find out just how to get it done properly by following the guidance in this article. Those that are seeking a no fault divorce must be at least a one year resident of South Carolina. If both parties are residents of South Carolina the requirement is only three months of residency.

The first step is to file the paperwork known as a complaint for divorce. Filing in the county in which you both live will be required. Couples that have moved to different counties must file in the last county where they resided as a couple in marriage. The paperwork must then be served to the other party. This will also come with a summons and a financial declaration form. Summons paperwork lets the other party know what action is being taken and that they need to answer the filing. A financial declaration is a declaration of financial assets given by the person filing for divorce.The paperwork has to be sent via certified mail or with the help of a server that will place the paperwork in the other party’s hands themselves.A person can also serve the other party themselves but the other party must sign a voluntary acceptance form that proves this serving.

It is then time for the defendant to answer the divorce complaint officially. They will be providing the court with an official answer to the divorce as well as a financial declaration of their own. Things can go much smoother for both if there can be an agreement reached. The ability to reach an agreement can save people a lot of time spend in courtrooms. This is especially helpful for couples that want to lessen the heartache involved. Sadly, some divorces are more difficult and quick agreements are not possible. Contested divorces in South Carolina should be done along with a skilled divorce attorney that can assist in this process.

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News For This Month: Divorce